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Inner & Outer Resilience 

BC MBA Games, 2022

Oct 28 - 30, 2022

In-person at

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

The BC MBA Games are an innovative and spirited event where MBA students from across the province join together to engage in various academic, athletic, and spirit competitions. Over the course of the weekend, students embrace diverse challenges and collaborate to support a broader vision associated with each hosting year. The BC MBA Games are an opportunity for students to uncover their potential and connect with fellow leaders in BC.

Theme of 2022


The theme of the BC MBA Games 2022 strives to inspire rising leaders to build inner and outer resilience. Honing our sense of resilience eludes to dealing with roadblocks in our life creatively, while overcoming any setbacks and finding ways to transform failure into opportunities.

We believe that true inner and outer resilience comes from being adaptive to the shifting socioeconomic climate of the world and actively taking steps to care for our mental health as well as planetary health! It is important to connect to our innate biophilia, coexist with the natural world, and connect with our ecological identity. This can be a powerful source to develop inner and outer resilience as connecting to the natural world, not only helps us be more aware of the climate crisis that we are undergoing but also has anti-depressive properties.

The interconnectedness of the climate crisis and growing mental health crisis has been recognized globally by leaders in the IPCC who have assessed how climate change is having widespread and cumulative effects on mental health globally. Developing knowledge and awareness from a social justice and a climate justice lens is necessary for young professionals in today's ever-changing world.

Through the theme of ‘Inner and Outer Resilience’, we hope to curate BC MBA Games with a holistic
mindset. We strive to build bridges between our mind, body, and soul through connecting physical
activities and mental health to sustainable living and planetary health